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Welcome to Crossfire CCW St. Louis. Our goal is to provide our clients with the tools to protect their families and themselves from a ever growing dangerours world.  Crossfire CCW's instructors are NRA certified pistol instructors.  While we can and will teach basic & advanced pistol skills, we specialize in teaching Conceal Carry.  At Crossfire CCW you will learn the laws that pertain to Conceal Carry. You will also learn the basics of how to shoot, when to shoot, and what to expect when you do shoot.  Call us today at (636) 578-6774 and gain the tools so that you don't get caught in the crossfire!



Crossfire CCW is the top rated Conceal Training company in the St. Louis area.  Conceal Carry Classes are affordably priced at $69.00 per person  with a $12.00 range fee.  


For those interested in Constitutional Carry, come join our conceal carry class for $35.00.  Use promo code SB656 during booking. Keep in mind that just because you can, doesn't mean you should carry.  Learn the do's and don't of carrying a weapon.  You'll sit in on the first three quarters of our conceal carry class.  In class you will learn how to carry, where you can carry, how to avoid trouble, and most importantly what to do after you pull the trigger.  If you decide to you can then finish the conceal carry class if you choose.  Just pay the difference.




There are no refunds for classes.  Classes purchased may be transferred to another party.


Our current special will end January 1st. 2017.  Purchase price is guaranteed, but range fees may change.



Rescheduling Fee of $10.00 will be due for classes not rescheduled within 5 day of class dates.



If you live in the St. Louis area Crossfire CCW is the place to get your Conceal Carry.


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